Why Electric

Environmentally Friendly

One of the first reasons for going electric people generally think about is the positive environmental impact. Governments see Electric Vehicles (EVs) as an important part of cutting emissions and reducing global warming.

Although, when evaluating the environmental impact, consideration should be given to the manufacturing process of the vehicle and it's batteries and also how the electricity that powers them is generated.

The benefit of the Electric Vehicle is that it allows us to be energy independent, which means we have different options (including environmentally friendly) for creating the electricity.

A Delight to Drive

Electric Vehicles are great to drive, they're smooth, quiet and are quick off the mark due to the high torque they enjoy.

Also, to ‘fuel’ the vehicle is a simple case of plugging into an electrical outlet which you can do at home overnight.

Financial Incentives

There are a number of financial incentives for going electric. They include:

  • Very low running costs (2–3p/mile)
  • Lower maintenance costs due to EVs having fewer moving parts
  • Network of free public charging points
  • Plug-in grants are available
  • 100% funding for a dedicated home charge point
  • Exempt from vehicle tax and fuel duty


Electric Vehicles have been around for a while now and have proven their reliability. Therefore, you can expect to get the same length of warranty as for a combustion model. Extended warranties are usually available for peace of mind.

Living with an Electric Car

Here's an excellent short video produced by the energy saving trust about ‘Living with an Electric Car’, presented by Robert Llewellyn of Red Dwarf.

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If you're new to the Electric Vehicle market, then our buyers guide will get you up to speed.

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